About this Guide

There is a huge amount of information and advice on the COVID 19 pandemic in the news, on the Internet and through Social Media.  Make sure you only take notice of the latest, reliable information from trusted sources.  Remember that it’s not always easy to spot misinformation especially on social media.  Rules and advice are changing rapidly so update yourself regularly – but not obsessively.

Gawsworth Parish Councildoesn’t seek to repeat, or improve on, official advice and rules although we do provide some key links to that advice.  We concentrate on local information that we hope will be of practical help to Gawsworth residents.  If you have something you think we should add please contact clerk@gawsworthpc.org.uk

Keep Healthy in Gawsworth

Health, Distancing and Other Advice

We repeat or interpret official advice and regulations.  We recommend these primary sources to find reliable, up to date information about self-isolation, social distancing, health advice and other practical aspects during the pandemic.

We are all concentrating on physical health, trying to avoid getting the virus or passing it on to others, but don’t forget your mental health is important as well.


The children’s playground, Tennis Court, Table Tennis table, Football Field and exercise circuit in Gawsworth park are open but with restrictions for social distancing in place.

Please obey the national rules and keep an eye on the news for any changed requirements.

We have several quiet roads and footpaths for you to enjoy your daily exercise. However there is still traffic on the roads so do take care if you are stepping out into the road to keep your distance from others.

The park, Nancy’s Wood and Maggoty Wood are open for your stroll but the paths in the woods are narrow so be careful to choose your route so you don’t meet others face to face.  There is special concern about runners potentially shedding an aerosol of water particles so please be particularly careful, if you are running, to keep well away from other people.  We also have some narrow ginnels in Gawsworth with ‘blind corners’ so extra care is needed to keep our distance on these.

If you are dog walking, please remember to bag up all dog mess and deposit it in the bins provided or take the bag home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always happening and this causes distress to fellow residents.  Thank You!

Stay Connected in Gawsworth

You are not alone.  We have a great community in Gawsworth which comes into its own in times like this even though there are social distancing and isolation rules to follow.  We face challenging times over the coming months but Gawsworth friends and neighbours want to keep in touch and help each other.


Always take great care if offers of help come from unknown sources.  Unfortunately there are horrible people who will target the vulnerable through the Internet, Social Media, telephone or even knocking at your door.  Check that offers are genuine and never give out your confidential bank details.

If you know the person offering help is genuine that’s fine, but if you at all unsure, check them out with someone you know and trust.  Genuine people will not mind that you’ve verified

Gawsworth Gazette

We plan to continue to publish the free Gawsworth Gazette each month. Some distribution points are closed but you can still pick up a copy at the Community Shop or at dispensers on Penningtons Lane and (soon) outside the shop and Parish Council Notice board on the Pleasance.

Now is a good time to go digital.

Gawsworth Life Website

For Gawsworth COVID 19 information and other local news.  Let us have your suggestions for updates – Email clerk@gawsworthpc.org.uk

Social Media

For the latest local information check out these social media sites

Gawsworth Life Facebook page  @GawsworthLife

Latest Gawsworth information from the Parish Council

What’s going on in Gawsworth  – Facebook group

Facebook group concentrating on Gawsworth events.

NextDoor Gawsworth  

Join the local social media site. Local information, discussions and events.

  • Note: If you live in the Gawsworth Moss part of Gawsworth NextDoor signs you up to the Ivy Farm neighbourhood so make sure your preferences show you wichto receive posts from the Gawsworth neighbourhood.

Host to the Gawsworth  COVID 19 virus community outreach  group.

Community Hub Social Sheet

The hub is distributing a regular newssheet with helpful hints, puzzles, quizzes, jokes etc.

The Help You Need

Friends, neighbours and family are there to support each other. Helping with shopping, a friendly telephone chat or whatever you need to help you through these difficult times. Our Gawsworth organisations are also here for you; don’t hesitate to ask.  If you are isolated, now is the time to make contact with individuals or groups who can regularly check how things are, and provide a friendly voice to keep you in touch.   Life is changing in all sorts of ways and we need the support of Gawsworth friends to help us through.

Thank you to everyone who is helping others in whatever way.

Gawsworth Community Neighbourhood Outreach group

A volunteer group led by Rachel Wilson (St James Church) covers Gawsworth, North Rode and beyond. They will pick up shopping, collect prescriptions and help in other ways.  Call Rachel on 07595 430022 or email razzacantab@icloud.com

This is an informal arrangement to help neighbours. Help is offered but must be taken at your own discretion and at your own risk. They cannot guarantee all volunteers are free from COVID-19 and as such are only offering the above assistance. This means shopping will be left on doorsteps with zero/minimum contact, once orders are received over the phone. Every safety and hygiene effort will be made.

Find out more on the NextDoor social media group dedicated to the Gawsworth COVID 19 virus community outreach  group

Gawsworth Friendship Tree

Today, many of us are in social isolation. No longer able to visit friends, meet at clubs or enjoy trips out. Working with Gawsworth WI your Community Hub has set up a Friendship Tree. The concept is very simple. One person phones 3 to 5 other people on a daily basis or at least 2 or 3 times per week to have a friendly chat. The people phoned are asked to contact another 3 to 5 people and so on. This self-help pyramid communication network is a great way for people to keep in touch. As we all know hearing a friendly voice brightens up our day.

It’s simple, rewarding and doesn’t involve leaving home.

If you are not already doing it, we are inviting you to become a “Befriender”. We are particularly keen to reach people who may have no family nearby, or lost a lifelong partner, or lack a social network as they are new Gawsworth residents, etc.

To get involved please contact Janet on hubgawsworthshop@gmail.com

Cheshire East People Helping People

Cheshire East Council is working collaboratively with voluntary community and faith sector organisations, business, staff and local residents to channel community-based support to meet local need.

You can provide help if you meet all the following criteria:

  • You are well and have no symptoms like a cough or high temperature and nobody in your household does
  • You are under 70
  • You are not pregnant
  • You do not have any long-term health conditions that make you vulnerable to coronavirus.

Offer your support here: I can Help

You can sign up for help here if you are currently isolated or feeling vulnerable and need support: I need Help

Pastoral Care

Our two Gawsworth churches offer spiritual support to their congregations and beyond.

St James the Great:  Rector- Colin Wilson 01260 274872

Methodist Church:  Minister – Graham Edwards 01625 426051

Supplies for Gawsworth

Although there is apparently no shortage of food, the normal supply options have failed for those unable to leave the home and go shopping.  Requests for online shopping and click and collect services have overwhelmed the supermarkets, so you have to be very lucky to book a slot.  Special arrangements at some supermarkets are in place for those over 70 and those in the government defined ‘extremely vulnerable’ group .

Registering as ‘extremely vulnerable’, because of defined health conditions or because you are taking specified medicines, should open the door to government emergency food parcels as well as priority treatment by some supermarkets.  Your GP or specialist consultant should have registered you with the NHS but this doesn’t always happen.  If you qualify, you can register yourself here.

We are very fortunate to have our Community Shop.  The Directors, Staff and Volunteers are working incredibly hard in very difficult circumstances.  We are also so lucky to have Newtons Dairy who deliver our milk, eggs and dairy products and are exceeding their normal incredibly high work rate.  Please do all you can to help these dedicated local services and to keep them and yourself safe.

A huge Thank You from everyone in Gawsworth!

Community Shop

Everything you would expect from a local shop including newspapers and magazines, cards, groceries, local produce, wines and spirits, meat, frozen meals, bread, eggs, cakes etc.

Revised Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday        08.00-13.30

Saturday and Sunday  08.00-10.30

Maximum of 2 customers in the shop at any one time along with 2metre (6 feet)  distancing.

Telephone: 01625 425428

Newtons Dairy

Delivered to your doorstep.  Gawsworth Milk, cream, butter, yoghurts, eggs, fruit juice, potatoes.

Newtons Dairy


01625 423987;  07799 165287

Thornton Square Co-Op

Not actually in Gawsworth but near to the Penningtons Lane area of Gawsworth. 7am to 8pm. A dedicated shopping hour for vulnerable customers, those that care for them and NHS workers.  8am to 9am Monday to Saturday and from 10am to 11am on Sundays in all our stores. No delivery option.

Nearby Supermarkets

Check out the latest arrangements online.  Supermarkets ask that if we can visit their stores that we do so and save delivery slots for the vulnerable – but this appears not to be happening and home delivery is currently practically impossible to book.  If you are registered with the government/NHS as extremely vulnerable you might, in theory, get a slot with a Sainsbury who say they are reserving slots for this group.

Other sources of food and essential supplies

  • A selection of local and more distant suppliers that we understand will deliver supplies to Gawsworth  – or can be ordered and collected.
    • Supermarket Food Boxes, delivered. However, the sites are very busy and we were unable to order either when we tried. Hopefully things will improve.
      • Morrisons Food boxes: A £35 box of essentials by courier.
      • M&S Food boxes. Order page appears to have been taken down.
    • Government Food Parcels:  If you are registered with the government as ‘extremely vulnerable’ and cannot leave your home because of severe health conditions you may be eligible for parcels of essentials.
    • Michael McDonald’s Fresh Veg Boxes plus milk, bread, butter etc with orders. Delivered from Knutsford.
    • TTS meats. Macclesfield Home delivery Mainly meats, fruit and veg etc 01625 432385
    • Spearings meat and pies delivered 01625 424395
    • Nigel Wilcox Butcher. Will deliver  01625 424969
    • Wiltshire Farm Foods: Ready-made meals delivered but currently only taking orders from existing customers and the extremely vulnerable.
    • Congleton Makers Market online shop. Food from local artisan producers. Email roseann@themakersmarket.co.uk
    • PC Produce boxes of fruit and veg, bread, eggs, milk and butter for collection from Congleton.  01260 275291
    • Butters Family Fruit & Veg & dairy boxes delivered
    • Lambing Shed, Collection service for essentials (or delivery for those most in need) Order on 01565 631027 or email shop@thelambingshed.com.
    • Food Banks. There are a number of Food Banks locally.  Citizens Advice can help you locate one

Take Away Meals

A number of restaurants will deliver take away meals to Gawsworth.  Let us have your recommendations and we’ll add them here.


Friends and neighbours will often help if you can’t get to the Pharmacy yourself to pick up medicines.  Your doctor can send your prescription electronically to your chosen pharmacy – just ask.  The Gawsworth Neighbourhood Outreach group of volunteers will pick up medicines from your pharmacy if you are self-isolating.  Contact: 07595 430022  razzacantab@icloud.com

Some, but not all, pharmacies will deliver to your home.  NHS listings say the following local Pharmacies offer delivery but check with them before you send your prescription.

  • Peak Pharmacy, Earlsway – 01625 423465
  • London Road Pharmacy – 01625 617331
  • Cohens Chemist, Charlotte Street – 01625 424895
  • Cohens Chemist, Waters Green Medical Centre – 01625 664405
  • Boots, Mill Street Mall – 01625 615216  (Also Congleton branch)
  • Andrews Pharmacy, Kennedy Avenue – 01625 618481
  • Tytherington Pharmacy, The Precinct – 01625 612993
  • The Village Pharmacy, Prestbury – 01625 829216
  • Well pharmacies. We understand they do deliveries but don’t list this on the official NHS listing.
    • 209 Park Lane – 01625 432 755
    • 76-80 Sunderland Street – 01625 422160
    • Bollin House, Sunderland Street – 01625 422927.

There are online pharmacies such as Pharmacy2U and Echo Pharmacy that you can register with in advance to get medicines delivered free through the post. These are currently very and you may have to join a waiting list to register.