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The first tier of local government for Gawsworth

Gawsworth Parish Council was established in 1894, with the first meeting taking place on 14th December in the Parish Schoolroom. Since then, the Council has represented the views of Gawsworth residents at the most local tier of government.


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A Little Bit about us

Gawsworth Parish Council owns and runs Gawsworth Park and Nancy’s Wood – two fantastic areas for community fun and recreation. We also own the Pleasance and Memorial Green and are responsible for the parish pump, war memorial and ancient stone cross!

The Parish Council owns the Village Hall and car park, but this is managed on our behalf by the Village Hall Management Committee. The council also owns three street lights – at the cross roads, Hillcrest Road and Penningtons Lane.

The Parish Council considers all planning applications in Gawsworth and submits comments to Cheshire East Council which makes the decision. We are currently leading on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan.

The Council manages a contract to undertake maintenance across the parish including maintaining the park, emptying bins and carrying out repairs to benches, fences and the bus shelter.

Gawsworth Parish Council is proactive and responds to concerns and queries brought to its attention by the public and is engages with Cheshire East Council and the National Trust on a range of different issues.

Adam Keppel-Green FSLCC


33 Manor Crescent
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Annual Report

We publish an annual report each April, as a rundown of what the Parish Council has done over the past year.

Strategic Plan

In 2015 Gawsworth Parish Councillors held an informal meeting where they discussed their priorities and aims as the elected representatives of Gawsworth residents. From this, six core priorities were scoped out and the vision for Gawsworth was developed. The council sought the views of residents on these priorities and the vision in early 2016.

This plan looks forward to 2020 when:

Gawsworth residents will have pride in living in a tidy and well-cared for parish, connected to superfast broadband and actively engaged with the Parish Council

The Parish Council will be a leader within the community, engendering community spirit and bringing together the various community organisations. Residents will be keen to be involved with this Parish Council and the 2019 elections will have more candidates standing than seats available

Gawsworth residents will have use of one of the best parks in Cheshire with both Gawsworth Park and Nancy’s Wood providing a range of complimentary facilities. The new village hall will be suitably equipped to meet the needs of Gawsworth residents and provide a central hub of activity in the village

The Gawsworth Neighbourhood Plan will have passed referendum and been made, giving residents a stronger voice in the planning system and tailoring development to the needs of the Parish.

You can read the Strategic Plan here: Gawsworth Parish Council Strategic Plan

Parish Council Finance

The Parish Council receives the its income through the precept; an annual sum of money collected with the Council Tax by Cheshire East Council. The precept, set by the Parish Council each January, for 2021/22 is £27,862 which amounts to a Band D rate of £34.