Gawsworth Neighbourhood Plan

Gawsworth Parish Council and volunteers from across the community have been working on developing the Gawsworth Neighbourhood Plan. Following a consultation in December 2019, the plan was amended and submitted to Cheshire East Council in June 2020. It is now subject to a further consultation where comments made will be considered by a Planning Examiner.

The consultation runs from 28th July to 8th September (7pm)


Looking to 2030, Gawsworth will have remained a safe, green and pleasant place to live with a strong sense of place and community. It will have a variety of well-designed, high-quality homes to suit the varying needs of our parish which shall continue to be a place that provides for residents with differing talents, skills and needs.

The community in Gawsworth will be inclusive and welcoming, offering a range of activities and opportunities for residents of all ages to engage with one another. Gawsworth will thrive as a community.

Whilst retaining its rural character, Gawsworth will embrace modern technologies. The village will remain a small peaceful rural village with good connections to surrounding countryside. Gawsworth Moss will continue to maintain a distinct identity from Macclesfield, but thriving from its connections. Rural Gawsworth will keep its character as beautiful Cheshire countryside based on farming.

Overall, Gawsworth will be a place where local people can live, work, play and enjoy a high quality of life.


  1. To ensure Gawsworth residents have access to high quality housing that suits their needs without losing our community or the traditional appearance of the rural area
  2. To ensure all Gawsworth residents have access to the countryside and green spaces via a wide network of well maintained footpaths, bridleways and cycle paths
  3. To ensure Gawsworth retains a strong sense of community and of place with a range of community facilities
  4. To identify opportunities to improve road safety for pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and motorists
  5. To conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the parish and its environment and the integrity of the greenbelt
  6. To ensure Gawsworth residents will have access to high speed internet, mobile and telephone links